Bitcoin Bill Of Sale

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Disclaimer: Please feel free to use this Bill of Sale for your in-person bitcoin exchanges. This document has been reviewed by a Nevada licensed lawyer, but you should have your own lawyer review this document before you use it to facilitate your own exchanges.

This document is designed to be fair for both parties, but was meant to ensure sellers had some protection against bad actions of the purchaser. The idea being that all details of the exchange are documented before any money changes hands. For instance, If someone takes off before completing the deal or claims fraud, you should have enough documentation to back up your story to any other parties. Also, this document enforces some important policies set down by FINCEN and ensures the purchaser knows they should only be purchasing on their own behalf and not a third party, and they should not be used for illegal purposes.

Note to privacy freaks: You don’t necessarily need to collect ID from the purchaser as long as you are documenting yourself as the seller so a third party could differentiate the parties of the exchange.

Good luck!

Download PDF: Bitcoin Bill Of Sale