Blockchain wallet down got you down?

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Hey Android users… Getting frustrated with the frequency of Wallets being offline? Here’s a quick solution to help you get buy in those emergency “I gotta spend some bitcoin” moments.

Install Bitcoin Spinner from the Play Store, export your private key, import it to your wallet and spend some bitcoins to it. That balance will be available to both systems in case one of them goes down. All you have to do is make sure the addresses stay funded.

If you archive the spinner address in the Blockchain wallet, the funds will only deplete when you use the spinner client. If you don’t archive it, the funds may get spend as you use the Blockchain Wallet.




In Spinner exporting your private key, copy it to your clipboard. Compose a new Gmail, paste the key in a new message, and save to draft. Now open a browser on your PC an two tabs: gmail draft message and your blockchain wallet. Now you can easily copy the key from one to the other. Security note: Doing this has the potential to transmit and store your private key on google servers over secure network protocols and potentially expose them. To add a little security to this process, add/remove some characters to the key while storing it in drafts, and correct it when you paste it into BlockChain Wallet.