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Do It Yourself (for free) with Electrum

Review: http://bitcoinmagazine.com/review-of-acceptbit-the-trust-free-payment-processor/

The Electrum client offers merchants a POS view for receiving bitcoins directly without needing a payment processor. It is a bare bones system at the moment, but it is extremely secure for a merchant as the private keys used to spend your receipts can be stored off-site, is under active development with new features just around the corner, and it is the future of how bitcoin point of sale systems will work.

  • 200% free – free to install, free to receive payments.
  • Private keys stored offline, offsite. Very secure.
  • Currently no exchange rate information, but planned and available soon.
  • Separate payment window for customer facing display.
  • Instant notification of receipts and confirmation count.
  • Use local exchangers to convert to dollars.



Electrum Wallet On Mobile Devices

Once you have your electrum wallet set up and working at your checkout counter, enable the very same wallet on any mobile device, company owned, or employees, by linking your electrum wallet public keys at AcceptBit.com. All bitcoins received by any device is securely delivered to your off-line electrum wallet.

I cannot express how impressive this innovation is. Please come to one of our regular crypto parties and see a demo of this. It will blow your mind.

Paid Services


BitPay.com is the premier bitcoin payment processing service based in the USA. Their products and services will help your business easily manage your ability to accept this digital currency. Daily bitcoin receipts can be exchanged for dollars at the point of sale and ACH transferred to your bank at the end of the day. Your accountant doesn’t even need to know you accept bitcoin or what it is! Not only does BitPay.com offer mobile/cashier systems, but they provide plugins for a variety of web cart systems like Magento, OpenCart, ZenCart, etc.

BitPay.com also has unique products to help specific industries like transportation and entertainment with their paycard services.

NCR Silver

NCR has integrated Bitcoin payments into their POS. If you have a system by NCR, you may already have all you need to start accepting Bitcoin payments. Please contact CoinBus for free integration support.