Adds BitCoin to Available Transaction Methods

Posted by & filed under , , ., the UK-based web hosting provider, has announced the addition of BitCoin as an eligible payment method for its services. BitCoin offers numerous advantages over traditional bank transfers or credit card transactions, security and privacy being the most noteworthy. The BitCoin network also simplifies the processing of international sales. hopes to reach even more new clients with this foray into the startup digital economy of digital coins.

When Your Paypal, Dollars, Gold and Silver Are Not Accepted what next? Bitcoin!

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Source: New, secure platform available, making global, online payment easy and without restrictions. Finally, there is a way to make online payment easy, without restrictions and limits of traditional payment networks. Bitcoin is a growing, global virtual currency popping up all over the world and accepted at more and more places worldwide. Bitcoin is […]

2013 Feb Crypto Party

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Come join us at UsrLib and learn more about Bitcoin on Wed Feb 21st at 7pm. Meeting at The Beat Coffee house, 520 Fremont, 2nd Floor. We’ll demo the latest technologies, applications, and services for bitcoin and show you how to securely make the most out of this new digital currency, whether you’re an individual […]

Bitcoin Invades Mainstream Banking System

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Source: Digital Currency Exchange, Bitcoin-Central, has been authorized by the French government to conduct bank style operations. For the first time a crypto-currency exchange has been brought into the mainstream banking circle, allowing believers in the idea of free choice in currency the opportunity to transact business through traditional channels.

Bitcoin Lunch Mob – Wed 2013-01-16

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Come join us for lunch this Wednesday at “Miller’s Ale House” in Town Square, noon. I’ve got some interesting items to show off, thanks to Butterfly Labs. I should have some promo materials for merchants coming in too by then. EDIT: 2013-01-12 @ 21;41 I just had a great idea. The location might change slightly […] raises $510,000 VC funding

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Source: BitPay, Inc. announced today that they have completed a seed funding round of $510,000 from several angel investors demonstrating that bitcoin can attract the capital necessary to encroach upon legacy payment methods. Source: 2013 will be the year for critical mass understanding of the importance of friction free international payments and I […] eliminates fraudulent chargebacks by adopting Bitcoin as a payment alternative

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Source: StompRomp experiences a very common problem called payment fraud, because they sell a high ticket item. They, and other merchants, are pretty astute at screening for suspicious activity and payment fraud in their retail stores. They can check for photo ID, they can look at the condition of the card, and they can […]

Banking’s newest biggest threat

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Source: The digital currency, still widely dismissed by many as Internet play money, gained an unprecedented foothold in the traditional banking world. In December, a Bitcoin currency exchange in France became the first to officially operate within the European financial system.

Bitcoin Gambling Site: $230,000 profit for the month, overhead $600.

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Source: SatoshiDice just announced their revenue numbers for the month of December, and they were record-breaking,,, Source: In the month of December alone, SatoshiDice’s profits amounted to an impressive 17,206 BTC or $230,000 USD, with total profits on the order of 40,000 BTC or over half a million dollars.

Bitcoin 2012 : The Numbers

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Source: Our humble digital currency continued to show resilience in 2012, growing in all respects and steadily building its user base. The expression “slow and steady” is a fitting descriptor

Crypto Party – Jan 17 2013

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Come join us at The Beat Coffehouse, 250 Fremont, 2nd floor in, downtown Las Vegas, at 7pm to learn anything about bitcoin, cryptography, and electronic privacy. Bring a laptop, tablet, or smart phone to engage in some exercises. More information:

BitPay – Bitcoin Payment Services

Posted by & filed under . is a payment services company that can help merchants handle their bitcoin transactions efficiently. Their services include: Retail solutions eCommerce Independent contractors Free services for registered charity and non-profits Transportation industry Mobile POS solutions Zero risk exchange rate volatility protection   Here is a demonstration of their mobile checkout solution, that securely uses your […]